noun \ˈkərs\

: an offensive word that people say when they are angry

: magical words that are said to cause trouble or bad luck for someone or the condition that results when such words are said

: a cause of trouble or bad luck

Full Definition of CURSE

:  a prayer or invocation for harm or injury to come upon one :  imprecation
:  something that is cursed or accursed
:  evil or misfortune that comes as if in response to imprecation or as retribution
:  a cause of great harm or misfortune :  torment
:  menstruation —used with the

Examples of CURSE

  1. I heard him utter a curse before the microphone was shut off.
  2. The witch pronounced a curse in some strange language.
  3. People believe that someone put a curse on the house.
  4. His fame turned out to be a curse, not a blessing.

Origin of CURSE

Middle English curs, from Old English
First Known Use: before 12th century

Other Occult Terms

augury, censor, invocation, lucidity, metempsychosis, mojo, numinous, preternatural, weird, wraith

Rhymes with CURSE



: to use offensive words when you speak

: to say offensive words to (someone)

: to say or or think bad things about (someone or something)


Full Definition of CURSE

transitive verb
:  to use profanely insolent language against :  blaspheme <curse God and die — Job 2:9(REB)>
a :  to call upon divine or supernatural power to send injury upon <was cursed and fears he will die>
b :  to execrate in fervent and often profane terms <cursed by future generations unless we act now>
:  to bring great evil upon :  afflict <a land cursed with famine>
intransitive verb
:  to utter imprecations :  swear <cursing loudly>

Examples of CURSE

  1. He cursed himself for being so careless.
  2. She cursed her bad luck.
  3. In the book the evil witch curses the villagers.

First Known Use of CURSE

before 12th century


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