adjective cru·cial \ˈkrü-shəl\

: extremely important

Full Definition of CRUCIAL

archaic :  cruciform
a :  important or essential as resolving a crisis :  decisive
b :  marked by final determination of a doubtful issue <the crucial game of a series>
c :  important, significant <what use we make of them will be the crucial question — Stanley Kubrick>

Examples of CRUCIAL

  1. Vitamins are crucial for maintaining good health.
  2. It's crucial that we arrive before 8 o'clock.
  3. Teachers are crucial to the success of the school.
  4. She played a crucial role in the meeting.

Origin of CRUCIAL

French, from Latin cruc-, crux cross
First Known Use: 1706

Synonym Discussion of CRUCIAL

acute, critical, crucial mean of uncertain outcome. acute stresses intensification of conditions leading to a culmination or breaking point <an acute housing shortage>. critical adds to acute implications of imminent change, of attendant suspense, and of decisiveness in the outcome <the war has entered a critical phase>. crucial suggests a dividing of the ways and often a test or trial involving the determination of a future course or direction <a crucial vote>.
CRUCIAL Defined for Kids


adjective cru·cial \ˈkrü-shəl\

Definition of CRUCIAL for Kids

:  being a final or very important test or decision :  decisive <a crucial battle>
:  very important :  significant <Water is a crucial element in our weather.>


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