verb con·sist \kən-ˈsist\

Definition of CONSIST

intransitive verb
:  lie, reside —usually used with in <liberty consists in the absence of obstructions — A. E. Housman>
a :  exist, be
b :  to be capable of existing
:  to be composed or made up —usually used with of <breakfast consisted of cereal, milk, and fruit>
:  to be consistent <it consists with the facts>

Examples of CONSIST

  1. <that account consists with the information in the other reports>

Origin of CONSIST

Middle French & Latin; Middle French consister, from Latin consistere, literally, to stop, stand still, from com- + sistere to take a stand; akin to Latin stare to stand — more at stand
First Known Use: 1526


noun con·sist \ˈkän-ˌsist\

Definition of CONSIST

:  makeup or composition (as of coal sizes or a railroad train) by classes, types, or grades and arrangement

First Known Use of CONSIST

CONSIST Defined for Kids


verb con·sist \kən-ˈsist\

Definition of CONSIST for Kids

:  to be made up or composed <Coal consists mostly of carbon.>

Word Root of CONSIST

The Latin word sistere, meaning to stand, to appear, to stop, or to put, gives us the root sist. Words from the Latin sistere have something to do with standing, appearing, stopping, or putting. To assist, or help, is to stand by someone in order to give aid. To consist is to be made up of a number of thing put together. To exist, or have actual being, is to appear real. To persist is to refuse to stop doing or saying something.


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