verb \in-ˈlist, en-\

: to get the support and help of (someone or something)

: to get (help, support, sympathy, etc.) from someone

: to sign up (a person) for duty in the army, navy, etc.

Full Definition of ENLIST

transitive verb
a :  to secure the support and aid of :  employ in advancing an interest <enlist all the available resources> <enlisted our help>
b :  to win over :  attract <trying to enlist my sympathies>
:  to engage (a person) for duty in the armed forces
intransitive verb
:  to enroll oneself in the armed forces <will enlist for three years>
:  to participate heartily (as in a cause, drive, or crusade)
en·list·ee \-ˌlis-ˈtē, -ˈlis-tē\ noun
en·list·ment \-ˈlis(t)-mənt\ noun

Examples of ENLIST

  1. They're enlisting volunteers for an experiment.
  2. We enlisted all available resources.
  3. I enlisted the help of our neighbors.
  4. We enlisted the services of a professional.
  5. They enlisted several new recruits.
  6. After graduating, I enlisted in the navy.
  7. He enlisted in the cause of world peace.

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