verb \ˌkō-ən-ˈsīd, ˈkō-ən-ˌ\

: to happen at the same time as something else

: to agree with something exactly : to be the same as something else


Full Definition of COINCIDE

intransitive verb
a :  to occupy the same place in space or time
b :  to occupy exactly corresponding or equivalent positions on a scale or in a series
:  to correspond in nature, character, or function
:  to be in accord or agreement :  concur

Examples of COINCIDE

  1. The goals of the business partners coincide.
  2. <the heaviest snowfall of the season coincided with the start of our weeklong ski vacation>

Origin of COINCIDE

Medieval Latin coincidere, from Latin co- + incidere to fall on, from in- + cadere to fall — more at chance
First Known Use: 1719

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