noun co·coon \kə-ˈkün\

: a covering usually made of silk which some insects (such as caterpillars) make around themselves to protect them while they grow

: something that covers or protects a person or thing

Full Definition of COCOON

a :  an envelope often largely of silk which an insect larva forms about itself and in which it passes the pupa stage
b :  any of various other protective coverings produced by animals
a :  something suggesting a cocoon especially in providing protection or in producing isolation <wrapped in a cocoon of blankets> <an interest in the world beyond the everyday cocoon most of us construct — Peter Mayle>
b :  a protective covering placed or sprayed over military or naval equipment in storage

Examples of COCOON

  1. The child was wrapped in a cocoon of blankets.
  2. The movie star was surrounded by a protective cocoon of bodyguards.

Origin of COCOON

French cocon, from Occitan coucoun, from coco shell, probably ultimately from Latin coccum kermes (thought to be a gall or berry), from Greek kokkos berry, kermes
First Known Use: 1679

Other Insect Terms

drone, entomology, gadfly, pismire, proboscis, vespine



: to cover or protect (someone or something) completely

: to spend time at home instead of going out for other activities

Full Definition of COCOON

transitive verb
:  to wrap or envelop in or as if in a cocoon

Examples of COCOON

  1. Americans are spending more time cocooning at home in recent years.
  2. <cocooned in puffy down parkas, we braved the bitter cold as best we could>

First Known Use of COCOON

COCOON Defined for Kids


noun co·coon \kə-ˈkün\

Definition of COCOON for Kids

:  the silky covering which a moth caterpillar makes around itself and in which it is protected while changing into a moth


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