noun bas·soon \bə-ˈsün, ba-\

: a large musical instrument that is shaped like a tube, makes low sounds, and is played by blowing into a small, thin tube in its side

Full Definition of BASSOON

:  a double-reed woodwind instrument having a long U-shaped conical tube connected to the mouthpiece by a thin metal tube and a usual range two octaves lower than that of the oboe
bas·soon·ist \-ˈsü-nist\ noun

Illustration of BASSOON

Origin of BASSOON

French basson, from Italian bassone, from basso
First Known Use: 1724
BASSOON Defined for Kids


noun bas·soon \bə-ˈsün, ba-\

Definition of BASSOON for Kids

:  a woodwind instrument with two bound reeds and with a usual range two octaves lower than an oboe

Word History of BASSOON

The bassoon usually plays the lowest part among the woodwinds in an orchestra. The English word came from the French name for the instrument, basson, which in turn came from the Italian name, bassone. Not surprisingly, bassone is derived from Italian basso, bass.


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