verb \ˈklash\

: to be in a situation in which you are fighting or disagreeing : to come into conflict with someone

: to look bad or ugly together

: to be very different in a way that makes being or working together difficult

Full Definition of CLASH

intransitive verb
:  to make a clash <cymbals clashed>
:  to come into conflict <where ignorant armies clash by night — Matthew Arnold>; also :  to be incompatible <the colors clashed>
transitive verb
:  to cause to clash
clash·er noun

Examples of CLASH

  1. Police and protesters clashed yesterday.
  2. The sofa and the chair clash.
  3. She ended the song by clashing the cymbals.

Origin of CLASH

First Known Use: circa 1500



: a short fight between groups of people

: an argument or disagreement between people

: a difference that makes it difficult for people or things to be together or work together

Full Definition of CLASH

:  a noisy usually metallic sound of collision
a :  a hostile encounter :  skirmish
b :  a sharp conflict <a clash of opinions>

Examples of CLASH

  1. Hundreds were killed in ethnic clashes in the region last month.
  2. <a clash between rival gangs that resulted in some serious injuries>

First Known Use of CLASH



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