noun \ˈtə-səl\

: a short fight or struggle

: an argument or a dispute

Full Definition of TUSSLE

:  a physical contest or struggle :  scuffle
:  an intense argument, controversy, or struggle

Examples of TUSSLE

  1. The suspect was arrested after a tussle with a security guard.
  2. a tussle for control of the company
  3. The President is in for another tussle with Congress.

First Known Use of TUSSLE


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intransitive verb

: to fight or struggle with (someone) by grabbing or pushing

: to argue or compete with (someone)

tus·sledtus·sling \-s(ə-)liŋ\

Full Definition of TUSSLE

:  to struggle roughly :  scuffle

Examples of TUSSLE

  1. The two basketball players tussled for the ball.
  2. The residents of the neighborhood tussled with city hall for years about the broken parking meters.

Origin of TUSSLE

Middle English (Scots) tussillen, frequentative of Middle English -tusen, -tousen to tousle — more at touse
First Known Use: 1638

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