noun \ˈchek\

Definition of CHECK

:  exposure of a chess king to an attack from which he must be protected or moved to safety
a :  a sudden stoppage of a forward course or progress :  arrest
b :  a checking of an opposing player (as in ice hockey)
:  a sudden pause or break in a progression
archaic :  reprimand, rebuke
:  one that arrests, limits, or restrains :  restraint <against all checks, rebukes, and manners, I must advance — Shakespeare>
a :  a standard for testing and evaluation :  criterion
b :  examination <a quick check of the engine>
c :  inspection, investigation <a loyalty check on government employees>
d :  the act of testing or verifying; also :  the sample or unit used for testing or verifying
:  a written order directing a bank to pay money as instructed :  draft
a :  a ticket or token showing ownership or identity or indicating payment made <a baggage check>
b :  a counter in various games
c :  a slip indicating the amount due :  bill
[Middle English chek, short for cheker checker]
a :  a pattern in squares that resembles a checkerboard
b :  a fabric woven or printed with such a design
:  a mark typically placed beside an item to show it has been noted, examined, or verified
:  crack, break
check·less \ˈche-kləs\ adjective
in check
:  under restraint or control <trying to keep his emotions in check>

Examples of CHECK

  1. Please give the schedule a check to see if the times are correct.
  2. I gave the ingredients list a quick check to see if the cereal contained any sugar.
  3. She ran a quick check of the computer to make sure it was working properly.
  4. The police ran a check on the license plate and found out that the car had been stolen.
  5. He was penalized for an illegal check.
  6. He made out the check to me and signed it, and I deposited it in my account.
  7. Do you want to pay in cash, by check, or by credit card?
  8. a fabric with a blue and yellow check

Origin of CHECK

Middle English chek, from Anglo-French eschec, from Arabic shāh, from Persian, literally, king; akin to Greek ktasthai to acquire, Sanskrit kṣatra dominion
First Known Use: 15th century



: to look at (something) carefully to find mistakes, problems, etc., or to make sure there is nothing wrong with it

: to get information by looking at something, asking about something, etc.

: to look at or in (a place) in order to find or get something or someone

Full Definition of CHECK

transitive verb
:  to put (a chess king) in check
chiefly dialect :  rebuke, reprimand
a :  to slow or bring to a stop :  brake <hastily checked the impulse>
b :  to block the progress of (as a hockey player)
a :  to restrain or diminish the action or force of :  control
b :  to slack or ease off and then belay again (as a rope)
a :  to compare with a source, original, or authority :  verify <needs to check her facts>
b :  to inspect, examine, or look at appraisingly —usually used with out or over <checking out new cars>
c :  to mark with a check as examined, verified, or satisfactory —often used with off <checked off each item>
a :  to consign (as luggage) to a common carrier from which one has purchased a passenger ticket <checked our bags before boarding>
b :  to ship or accept for shipment under such a consignment
:  to mark into squares :  checker
:  to leave or accept for safekeeping in a checkroom <check a coat>
:  to make checks or chinks :  cause to crack <the sun checks timber>
intransitive verb
a of a dog :  to stop in a chase especially when scent is lost
b :  to halt through caution, uncertainty, or fear :  stop
a :  to investigate conditions <checked on the passengers' safety>
b :  to prove to be consistent or truthful <the description checks with the photograph> —often used with out <the story checked out>
:  to draw a check on a bank
:  to waive the right to initiate the betting in a round of poker
:  crack, split
check into
:  to check in at <check into a hotel>
:  investigate <the police are checking into his alibi>
check up on
:  investigate <check up on a possible investment>

Examples of CHECK

  1. Make sure to check your spelling.
  2. She checked her makeup in the mirror.
  3. We should check the equipment to make sure that it's working properly.
  4. The guards checked my passport.
  5. He checked his watch and saw that it was almost noon.
  6. I'll just check the map to see where we are.
  7. I'll check the newspaper to see when the movie starts.
  8. If you're looking for a spoon, check the top drawer.
  9. I checked his office but he wasn't there.
  10. If you're looking for the umbrella, check in the closet.

First Known Use of CHECK

14th century

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Definition of CHECK

—used to express assent or agreement


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