verb \ˈsēs\

: to stop happening : to end

: to stop doing (something)


Full Definition of CEASE

transitive verb
:  to cause to come to an end especially gradually :  no longer continue <they were forced to cease operations> <cease to exist>
intransitive verb
a :  to come to an end <the fighting gradually ceased>
b :  to bring an activity or action to an end :  discontinue <they have been ordered to cease and desist>
obsolete :  to become extinct :  die out

Examples of CEASE

  1. The fighting along the border has temporarily ceased.
  2. The factory ceased operations last year.
  3. The child would not cease his constant whining.

Origin of CEASE

Middle English cesen, from Anglo-French cesser, from Latin cessare to hold back, be remiss, frequentative of cedere
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with CEASE



Definition of CEASE

:  cessation —usually used with without

Examples of CEASE

  1. <worked without cease for the betterment of humanity>

First Known Use of CEASE

14th century


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