noun clo·sure \ˈklō-zhər\

: a situation or occurrence in which something (such as a business or factory) closes forever

: a feeling that something has been completed or that a problem has been solved

: a feeling that a bad experience (such as a divorce or the death of a family member) has ended and that you can start to live again in a calm and normal way

Full Definition of CLOSURE

archaic :  means of enclosing :  enclosure
:  an act of closing :  the condition of being closed <closure of the eyelids> <business closures>
:  something that closes <pocket with zipper closure>
[translation of French clôture] :  cloture
:  the property that a number system or a set has when it is mathematically closed under an operation
:  a set that consists of a given set together with all the limit points of that set
:  an often comforting or satisfying sense of finality <victims needing closure>; also :  something (as a satisfying ending) that provides such a sense

Examples of CLOSURE

  1. The government forced the closure of the factory.
  2. I need to talk to him and get some closure on this issue.
  3. Going to the memorial service for his late wife made it possible for him to achieve closure.
  4. We all felt a sense of closure after our sister's murderer was sent to jail.
  5. trying to bring closure to the victim's family

Origin of CLOSURE

Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin clausura, from clausus, past participle of claudere to close — more at close
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with CLOSURE

CLOSURE Defined for Kids


noun clo·sure \ˈklō-zhər\

Definition of CLOSURE for Kids

:  an act of closing <The weather forced a closure of the schools.>
:  the condition of being closed <Closure of the business has been hard on the workers.>
Medical Dictionary


noun clo·sure \ˈklō-zhər\

Medical Definition of CLOSURE

a :  an act of closing up or condition of being closed up <closure of the eyelids> <early closure of fontanels and sutures—W. A. D. Anderson> b :  a drawing together of edges or parts to form a united integument <wound closure by suture immediately after laceration>
:  a cap, lid, or stopper for sealing a container (as a serum vial)
:  the perception of incomplete figures or situations as though complete by ignoring the missing parts or by compensating for them by projection based on past experience
:  an often comforting or satisfying sense of finality <therapy brought closure to the victim's family>


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