adjective \ˈbrd\

: large from one side to the other side

: having a specified width

: including or involving many things or people : wide in range or amount

Full Definition of BROAD

a :  having ample extent from side to side or between limits <broad shoulders>
b :  having a specified extension from side to side <made the path 10 feet broad>
:  extending far and wide :  spacious <the broad plains>
a :  open, full <broad daylight>
b :  plain, obvious <a broad hint>
:  dialectal especially in pronunciation
:  marked by lack of restraint, delicacy, or subtlety:
a obsolete :  outspoken
b :  coarse, risqué <broad humor>
of a vowel :  open —used specifically of a pronounced as in father
a :  liberal, tolerant <broad views>
b :  widely applicable or applied :  general <a broad rule>
:  relating to the main or essential points <broad outlines>
broad·ly adverb
broad·ness noun

Examples of BROAD

  1. The store has a broad selection of coats.
  2. There was broad agreement on the new government.
  3. There are three broad categories of industry in the region: computers, finance, and education.
  4. the broad outlines of a problem
  5. discusses family in its broadest sense

Origin of BROAD

Middle English brood, from Old English brād; akin to Old High German breit broad
First Known Use: before 12th century

Synonym Discussion of BROAD

broad, wide, deep mean having horizontal extent. broad and wide apply to a surface measured or viewed from side to side <a broad avenue>. wide is more common when units of measurement are mentioned <rugs eight feet wide> or applied to unfilled space between limits <a wide doorway>. broad is preferred when full horizontal extent is considered <broad shoulders>. deep may indicate horizontal extent away from the observer or from a front or peripheral point <a deep cupboard> <deep woods>.

Rhymes with BROAD



Definition of BROAD

:  in a broad manner :  fully <broad awake>

First Known Use of BROAD

before 12th century



Definition of BROAD

British :  an expansion of a river —often used in plural
often offensive :  woman

First Known Use of BROAD



geographical name \ˈbrd\

Definition of BROAD

river 220 miles (354 kilometers) North Carolina & South Carolina — see saluda
river 70 miles (113 kilometers) S South Carolina flowing into the Atlantic


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