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blow a gasket

Definition of blow a gasket

  1. 1 of a car, engine, etc. :  to develop a very bad leak in a gasket (a piece of rubber or some other material that is used to make a tight seal between two parts)

  2. 2 informal of a person :  to become very angry <When the boss found out that the shipment was late, he blew a gasket.>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to be in motion

    :  to move with speed or force

    :  to move or run quickly

  1. :  a blowing of wind especially when strong or violent

    :  brag, boasting

    :  an act or instance of blowing

  1. :  flower, bloom

  1. :  blossoms

    :  bloom

  1. :  a forcible stroke delivered with a part of the body or with an instrument

    :  a hostile act or state :  combat

    :  a forcible or sudden act or effort :  assault

  1. :  a material (as rubber) or a part (as an O-ring) used to make a joint fluid-tight

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