noun \ˈbach\

: an amount of something that is made at one time

: a group of people or things

computers : a set of jobs that a computer does together at one time

Full Definition of BATCH

:  the quantity baked at one time :  baking
a :  the quantity of material prepared or required for one operation; specifically :  a mixture of raw materials ready for fusion into glass
b :  the quantity produced at one operation
c :  a group of jobs (as programs) that are submitted for processing on a computer and whose results are obtained at a later time <batch processing> — compare time-sharing
:  a quantity (as of persons or things) considered as a group

Examples of BATCH

  1. We baked two batches of cookies.
  2. a fresh batch of salsa
  3. mixing another batch of cement
  4. They're hiring another batch of workers.

Origin of BATCH

Middle English bache; akin to Old English bacan to bake
First Known Use: 15th century



Definition of BATCH

transitive verb
:  to bring together or process as a batch
batch·er noun

First Known Use of BATCH



Definition of BATCH

variant of bach


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