adjective aus·pi·cious \-ˈspi-shəs\

: showing or suggesting that future success is likely

Full Definition of AUSPICIOUS

:  showing or suggesting that future success is likely :  propitious <made an auspicious beginning>
:  attended by good fortune :  prosperous <an auspicious year>
aus·pi·cious·ly adverb
aus·pi·cious·ness noun

Examples of AUSPICIOUS

  1. His acclaimed first novel was an auspicious debut.
  2. <told him she couldn't dance with him just then, but her auspicious smile encouraged him to ask again later>
  3. After his auspicious debut, Chambers became sought after by serious collectors of folk art; but given that the present show is now only the second he has had and is the first retrospective look at him, he is probably as obscure to the general museum going public today as he was in 1942. —Sanford Schwartz, New York Review of Books, 15 Jan. 2009


(see auspice)
First Known Use: 1593

Synonym Discussion of AUSPICIOUS

favorable, auspicious, propitious mean pointing toward a happy outcome. favorable implies that the persons involved are approving or helpful or that the circumstances are advantageous <favorable weather conditions>. auspicious applies to something taken as a sign or omen promising success before or at the start of an event <an auspicious beginning>. propitious may also apply to beginnings but often implies a continuing favorable condition <a propitious time for starting a business>.
AUSPICIOUS Defined for Kids


adjective aus·pi·cious \-ˈspi-shəs\

Definition of AUSPICIOUS for Kids

:  promising success <an auspicious beginning>
aus·pi·cious·ly adverb


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