adjective for·tu·nate \ˈfrch-nət, ˈfr-chə-\

: having good luck : enjoying good fortune

: coming or happening because of good luck

Full Definition of FORTUNATE

:  bringing some good thing not foreseen as certain :  auspicious
:  receiving some unexpected good
for·tu·nate·ness noun

Examples of FORTUNATE

  1. How fortunate we were to find that restaurant!
  2. We should try to help others who are less fortunate than ourselves.

First Known Use of FORTUNATE

14th century

Synonym Discussion of FORTUNATE

lucky, fortunate, happy, providential mean meeting with unforeseen success. lucky stresses the agency of chance in bringing about a favorable result <won because of a lucky bounce>. fortunate suggests being rewarded beyond one's deserts <fortunate in my investments>. happy combines the implications of lucky and fortunate with stress on being blessed <a series of happy accidents>. providential more definitely implies the help or intervention of a higher power <a providential change in the weather>.
FORTUNATE Defined for Kids


adjective for·tu·nate \ˈfr-chə-nət\

Definition of FORTUNATE for Kids

:  bringing a good result <a fortunate discovery>
:  having good luck :  lucky <She was fortunate to have avoided injury.>
for·tu·nate·ly adverb


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