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adjective pro·pi·tious \prə-ˈpi-shəs\

: likely to have or produce good results

Full Definition of PROPITIOUS

:  favorably disposed :  benevolent
:  being a good omen :  auspicious <propitious sign>
:  tending to favor :  advantageous
pro·pi·tious·ly adverb
pro·pi·tious·ness noun

Examples of PROPITIOUS

  1. Now is a propitious time to start a business.
  2. <the success of the first big movie in May was a propitious start for the summer season of blockbusters>


Middle English propycyous, from Anglo-French propicius, from Latin propitius, probably from pro- for + petere to seek — more at pro-, feather
First Known Use: 15th century

Synonym Discussion of PROPITIOUS

favorable, auspicious, propitious mean pointing toward a happy outcome. favorable implies that the persons involved are approving or helpful or that the circumstances are advantageous <favorable weather conditions>. auspicious applies to something taken as a sign or omen promising success before or at the start of an event <an auspicious beginning>. propitious may also apply to beginnings but often implies a continuing favorable condition <a propitious time for starting a business>.


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