noun \ˈstāk\

: a pointed stick or post that is pushed into the ground especially to mark a place or to support something

the stake : a post that a person was tied to and burned on in the past as a form of punishment

stakes : something (such as money) that you could win or lose in a game, contest, etc.

Full Definition of STAKE

:  a pointed piece of wood or other material driven or to be driven into the ground as a marker or support
a :  a post to which a person is bound for execution by burning
b :  execution by burning at a stake
a :  something that is staked for gain or loss
b :  the prize in a contest
c :  an interest or share in an undertaking or enterprise
:  a Mormon territorial jurisdiction comprising a group of wards
:  grubstake
:  stakes race —usually used in plural but singular or plural in construction
at stake
:  at issue :  in jeopardy

Examples of STAKE

  1. Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.
  2. a poker game with high stakes
  3. The stakes are too high.

Origin of STAKE

Middle English, from Old English staca; akin to Middle Low German stake pole, and perhaps to Latin tignum beam
First Known Use: before 12th century


transitive verb

: to risk the loss of (something, such as money)

: to support (something, such as a plant) with stakes


Full Definition of STAKE

:  to mark the limits of by or as if by stakes
:  to tether to a stake
:  bet, wager
:  to fasten up or support (as plants) with stakes
:  to back financially
:  grubstake
stake a claim
:  to assert a title or right to something by or as if by placing stakes usually to satisfy a legal requirement

Examples of STAKE

  1. She staked the tomatoes to keep them from falling over.
  2. <the actor staked the entire production of the film with his own money>

First Known Use of STAKE

14th century


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