noun \fə-ˈnan(t)s, ˈfī-ˌ, fī-ˈ\

: the way in which money is used and handled; especially : the way in which large amounts of money are used and handled by governments and companies

finances : money available to a government, business, or person

: matters relating to money and how it is spent or saved

Full Definition of FINANCE

plural :  money or other liquid resources of a government, business, group, or individual
:  the system that includes the circulation of money, the granting of credit, the making of investments, and the provision of banking facilities
:  the science or study of the management of funds
:  the obtaining of funds or capital :  financing

Examples of FINANCE

  1. She's taking a course on personal finance.
  2. an expert in finance who predicts global economic disaster
  3. The library closed due to a lack of finances.

Origin of FINANCE

Middle English, ending, payment, from Anglo-French, from finer to end, pay, from fin end — more at fine
First Known Use: 1739

Other Economics Terms

actuary, compound interest, globalization, indemnity, portfolio, rentier, stagflation, usurer



: to provide money for (something or someone)

: to buy (something) by borrowing money that will be paid back over a period of time


Full Definition of FINANCE

transitive verb
a :  to raise or provide funds or capital for <finance a new house>
b :  to furnish with necessary funds <finance a son through college>
:  to sell something to on credit

Examples of FINANCE

  1. His parents financed his college education.
  2. The study was financed by a government grant.
  3. They financed him to study abroad.

First Known Use of FINANCE


Other Economics Terms

actuary, compound interest, globalization, indemnity, portfolio, rentier, stagflation, usurer


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Process of raising funds or capital for any kind of expenditure. Consumers, business firms, and governments often do not have the funds they need to make purchases or conduct their operations, while savers and investors have funds that could earn interest or dividends if put to productive use. Finance is the process of channeling funds from savers to users in the form of credit, loans, or invested capital through agencies including commercial banks, savings and loan associations, and such nonbank organizations as credit unions and investment companies. Finance can be divided into three broad areas: business finance, personal finance, and public finance. All three involve generating budgets and managing funds for the optimum results. See also corporate finance.


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