verb \ə-ˈlr\

Definition of ALLURE

transitive verb
:  to entice by charm or attraction
al·lure·ment \-ˈlr-mənt\ noun
al·lur·ing·ly adverb

Examples of ALLURE

  1. <was so allured by his sister's college roommate that before long he was asking her for a date>
  2. <allured by the promise of big bucks, he decided to have a go at a job on the trading floor of the stock market>

Origin of ALLURE

Middle English aluren, from Middle French alurer, from Old French, from a- (from Latin ad-) + lure, leure lure — more at lure
First Known Use: 15th century



: power to attract : a quality that attracts people

Full Definition of ALLURE

:  power of attraction or fascination :  charm

Examples of ALLURE

  1. These rare books hold special allure for collectors.
  2. <the nostalgic allure of America's Wild West still attracts vacationers to ghost towns>

First Known Use of ALLURE



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