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noun afi·cio·na·do \ə-ˌfi-sh(ē-)ə-ˈnä-(ˌ)dō, -fē-, -sē-ə-\

Simple Definition of aficionado

  • : a person who likes and knows a lot about something

Full Definition of aficionado

plural afi·cio·na·dos

  1. :  a person who likes, knows about, and appreciates a usually fervently pursued interest or activity :  devotee <aficionados of the bullfight> <movie aficionados>

Examples of aficionado

  1. Such are the issues that spark hot debate among pizza chefs and aficionados. I recently visited some of the most dedicated pizza makers in the United States to have them demonstrate what makes their pizza special. —Harvey Steiman, Wine Spectator, 30 June 2008

  2. The quality varies with the individual authors, but both history buffs and aficionados of literary criticism will find food for thought here. —Publishers Weekly, 8 Jan. 2001

  3. When film aficionados speak of film noir, they usually refer to the look and attitude of certain films. As critics have found, such films do not form a genre; at best, they suggest a movement. —Bonnie Smothers, Booklist, 15 Nov. 1999

  4. Beyond scuba diving, North Carolina's Crystal Coast and Cape Lookout are famous for fishing. Although I'm not an aficionado myself, prospective anglers need only walk the docks of Moorehead City to book inshore or Gulf Stream excursions … —James Sturz, New York Times, 26 Apr. 1998

  5. <an aficionado of the sci-fi series who has seen all the movies several times>

Variants of aficionado

also af·fi·cio·na·do play \ə-ˌfi-sh(ē-)ə-ˈnä-(ˌ)dō, -fē-, -sē-ə-\

Origin of aficionado

Spanish, from past participle of aficionar to inspire affection, from afición affection, from Latin affection-, affectio — more at affection

First Known Use: 1802

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