noun \əd-ˈmi-shən, ad-\

: the act of admitting or allowing something

: a statement or action by which someone admits a weakness, fault, etc.

: the right or permission to enter a place

Full Definition of ADMISSION

a :  the act or process of admitting
b :  the state or privilege of being admitted
c :  a fee paid at or for admission
a :  the granting of an argument or position not fully proved
b :  acknowledgment that a fact or statement is true
ad·mis·sive \-ˈmi-siv\ adjective

Examples of ADMISSION

  1. the admission of evidence in a court of law
  2. His statement was interpreted as an admission of failure.
  3. They opposed the admission of women into the club.
  4. Her injuries were serious enough to require hospital admission.
  5. a large number of hospital admissions
  6. The school's standards of admission are high.
  7. He submitted an application for admission to the school.

First Known Use of ADMISSION

15th century


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