adverb \ə-ˈkrs, chiefly dialect -ˈkrst\

: from one side to the other

: in a measurement from one side to the other side

: on the opposite side

Full Definition of ACROSS

:  in a position reaching from one side to the other :  crosswise
:  to or on the opposite side
:  so as to be understandable, acceptable, or successful <get an argument across>

Examples of ACROSS

  1. The streams are small enough to jump across.
  2. They walked across to the other side of the street.
  3. They reached across and shook each other's hand.
  4. At its widest point, the pond measures 150 feet across.
  5. I saw them crossing the street and I waited until they were safely across.

Origin of ACROSS

Middle English acros, from Anglo-French an crois, from an in (from Latin in) + crois cross, from Latin crux
First Known Use: 14th century

Related to ACROSS

over, athwart, through



Definition of ACROSS

:  being in a crossed position

First Known Use of ACROSS

circa 1576



: from one side to the other side of (something)

: on the other side of (something)

: so as to reach or spread over or throughout (something)

Full Definition of ACROSS

a :  from one side to the opposite side of :  over, through <swam across the river>
b :  on the opposite side of <lives across the street from us>
:  so as to intersect or pass through at an angle <sawed across the grain of the wood>
:  so as to find or meet <came across your football in the hall closet>
a :  throughout <obvious interest across the nation — Robert Goralski>
b :  so as to include or take into consideration all classes or categories <across differences, they insist, there can be no rational dialogue — Huston Smith>

Examples of ACROSS

  1. We took a ferry across the river.
  2. We saw them walking across the street.
  3. She reached across the table to shake his hand.
  4. They traveled back and forth across the border.
  5. Airplanes flew across the sky above us.
  6. He was seated across the table from me.
  7. The accident happened just across the state line.
  8. A smile spread across her face.
  9. Looking out across the ocean, he saw land.
  10. The sun's light spread across the mountains.

First Known Use of ACROSS


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