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noun al·ba·tross \ˈal-bə-ˌtrs, -ˌträs\

: a large white ocean bird that has very long wings

: a continuing problem that makes it difficult or impossible to do or achieve something

plural al·ba·tross or al·ba·tross·es

Full Definition of ALBATROSS

:  any of a family (Diomedeidae) of large web-footed seabirds that have long slender wings, are excellent gliders, and include the largest seabirds
a :  something that causes persistent deep concern or anxiety
b :  something that greatly hinders accomplishment :  encumbrance

Examples of ALBATROSS

  1. Fame has become an albatross that prevents her from leading a normal and happy life.
  2. Fame has become an albatross around her neck.

Illustration of ALBATROSS


probably alteration of obsolete alcatrace frigate bird, from Spanish or Portuguese alcatraz pelican, from Arabic al-ghaṭṭās, a kind of sea eagle
First Known Use: 1672

Other Birds Terms

aerie, bunting, clutch, covey, hackle, ratite, rictus, ruff, skein, zygodactyl
ALBATROSS Defined for Kids


noun al·ba·tross \ˈal-bə-ˌtrs\

Definition of ALBATROSS for Kids

:  a very large seabird with webbed feet
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