A person who is devoted to acquiring fashionable items
hypebeast definition fashion

What does hypebeast mean?

Hypebeast generally refers to a person who is devoted to acquiring fashionable items, especially clothing and shoes.

Where did hypebeast come from?

Hypebeast is what we refer to as a closed compound; a word that is composed of two distinct words melded together (in this case through combining the sense of hype meaning "publicity" and the sense of beast meaning "something formidable"). Although it is believed to have come from the name of an online magazine largely devoted to fashion and footwear, hypebeast appears to be broadening in meaning. The precise meaning of the word is somewhat in flux; in many cases it is applied to those who are particularly ardent in their collecting of limited-edition items (especially sneakers and articles of clothing), while in others it simply refers to those who are in general pursuit of a fashionable lifestyle.

How is hypebeast used?

Whether they're "hypebeasts" who collect limited-edition reissues of classic styles, aficionados interested in predominantly vintage sneakers or casual collectors who like what looks good to them regardless of a shoe's resale value, sneakerheads see no reason to wear any other type of shoe.
— Susan Carpenter, The Los Angeles Times, 27 Jul. 2006

Don't be just another hypebeast! Take ownership of your education and be the movement that fuels your community. Let's bring it Back in the Day, TODAY!! REGISTER NOW!
AASU Staff (Usenet group), 31 May 2007

It's not just that, of course, although I admit it: my name is Laura and I am a 38-year-old hypebeast who will do pretty much anything if I think it's cool.
— Laura Atkinson, Sunday Times (London, Eng.), 26 Aug. 2018

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