Love Poems for Word Nerds

Will you be ours?
happy valentines day from merriam webster

We wrote you some poems. Because, you know, we think you're pretty swell. We hope you like them.

Plus, if you'd like to send any of them to the apple of your wordie eye, you can download them all as printable valentines here!

valentine dog love poem

Saint Valentine’s vulgar display
Is something I needs must gainsay
An inamorata
Is someone who oughta
Adore you on every day.

valentine dog with flowers

Give word-books
contempt and a shove,
For I care not what
they write of;
The way that you kiss
Affords me such bliss,
It’s my definition of love.

dog laying down with heart

you make my heart

dog with flower petals

On February 14th each year
signs of true love begin to appear
as stores wax clamorous
”It’s time to be amorous,
please buy candies and
flowers right here.”

dog with flower in mouth

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Your lexical nature
Makes my heart flutter,
(sense 2).

dog with heart pillow

For you
I have concupiscence
These loving words
I will not mince

big dog with heart collar

At the risk of being
won’t you be my

(Download printable valentines of all of these here.)