Word of the Day : March 2, 2019

vox populi

noun VOKS-POP-yoo-lye


: popular sentiment

Did You Know?

Vox populi is a Latin phrase that literally translates as "the voice of the people." It can be found in the longer maxim, Vox populi, vox Dei, which means "The voice of the people is the voice of God." Many people think that expression means that the people are always right, but it really implies that the will of the masses—right or wrong—is often irresistible. Since the mid-20th century, English speakers, especially British ones, have trimmed vox populi down to the abbreviated form vox pop, an expression used particularly for popular opinion as it is used and expressed by the media.


"As has increasingly been the case in the six years since officials instituted a fan-voting component in 2012, acts ultimately chosen for induction also strongly reflect the vox populi: Def Leppard won that balloting this year, collecting more than 500,000 votes among the total of 3.3 million entered in the fan competition." — Randy Lewis, The Los Angeles Times, 13 Dec. 2018

"While the Academy is certainly no stranger to controversy, they surely don't want to court it openly with hires that turn out to be less than ideal. Not to mention, the Academy Awards on the whole have become subject to somewhat of a critical reevaluation by the vox populi." — Mike Reyes, Cinema Blend, 11 Jan. 2019

Test Your Vocabulary

Fill in the blanks to complete a noun for preconceived judgment or opinion: p _ e _ ud _ _ e.



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