Word of the Day : June 24, 2011


verb vye-TOO-puh-rayt


1 : to abuse or censure severely or abusively

2 : to use harsh condemnatory language

Did You Know?

"Vituperate" has several close synonyms, including "berate" and "revile." "Berate" usually refers to scolding that is drawn out and abusive. "Revile" means to attack or criticize in a way prompted by anger or hatred. "Vituperate" adds to the meaning of "revile" by stressing an attack that is particularly violent in nature. It first appeared in English in the mid-16th century and can be traced back to two Latin words: the noun "vitium," meaning "fault," and the verb "parare," meaning "to make or prepare."


During the team's recent seven-game losing streak, the coach was vituperated by many local sportswriters.

"No one likes to be belittled, ignored, vituperated, or unappreciated. Everyone warms to kindness, patience, and respect." -- From Susan Smith Jones's 2011 book The Joy Factor

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