Word of the Day : March 26, 2015


noun VER-duh-greess


: a green or bluish deposit formed on copper, brass, or bronze surfaces

Did You Know?

"Green of Greece"-that is the literal translation of vert de Grece, the Anglo-French phrase from which the modern word verdigris descends. A coating of verdigris forms naturally on copper and copper alloys, such as brass and bronze, when those metals are exposed to air. (It can also be produced artificially.) The word verdigris has been associated with statuary and architecture, ancient and modern, since it was first used in the 14th century. Some American English speakers may find that they know it best from the greenish blue coating that covers the copper of the Statue of Liberty.


"Metals gain a rich … verdigris over time, looking better with age and weathering." - Maureen Gilmer, Biloxi (Mississippi) Sun Herald, January 16, 2015

"They are covering up not only the verdigris that developed on the copper roof, but also years of wear and tear that caused the roof to leak." - Kyle Stokes, Indiana Public Media, September 16, 2013

Test Your Vocabulary

What word begins with "p" and can refer to a thin, green layer formed on copper or to a superficial covering or exterior? The answer is …


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