Word of the Day : October 28, 2016


adjective VAIR-ee-uh-gay-tud


1 : having discrete markings of different colors

2 : various, diverse, varied

Did You Know?

Variegated has been adding color to our language since the 17th century. It is used in botany to describe the presence of two or more colors in the leaves, petals, or other parts of plants, and it also appears in the names of some animals (such as the variegated cutworm). It can be used by the general speaker to refer to anything marked with different colors ("a variegated silk robe," for instance) or to things that are simply various and diverse ("a variegated collection"). Variegated has a variety of relatives in English—it is ultimately derived from the Latin root varius, meaning "varied," which also gave us vary, various, and variety.


The flower has bright variegated petals.

"Everyone of significance in the region has multiple agendas and variegated geopolitical interests." — Robert Robb, The Arizona Republic, 21 Aug. 2016

Name That Synonym

Unscramble the letters to create a synonym of variegated: FAIMDNLO.



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