Word of the Day : May 11, 2015


noun TEK-nuh-bab-ul


: technical jargon

Did You Know?

Technobabble was formed by combining techno- (meaning "technical or technological") with babble ("continuous meaningless vocal sounds"), and unsurprisingly suggests language which sounds highly technical and is incomprehensible to the listener. Techno- as a combining form has given English speakers a number of interesting words, including but not limited to technocrat, technophile and technophobia, techno-thriller, technopreneur, and even technostructure ("the network of professionally skilled scientists, engineers, and administrators that tends to control the economy"). Techno- itself traces back to the same root word that gave us technology, namely the Greek word technē, meaning "art, craft, or practical skill."


The manual for the computer program used so much technobabble that I was completely lost.

"Flitting comfortably between highbrow wit and gleeful crassness, Silicon Valley elicits more than its share of honest-to-goodness belly laughs, whether or not you’re up on the latest technobabble." - Portland (Maine) Press-Herald, April 5, 2015

Test Your Vocabulary

Fill in the blanks to create a word for wordy and unintelligible jargon: go _ _ led _ go _ _. The answer is …


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