Word of the Day : June 9, 2018


noun shuh-NAN-ih-gun


1 : a devious trick used especially for an underhand purpose

2 a : tricky or questionable practices or conduct — usually used in plural

b : high-spirited or mischievous activity — usually used in plural

Did You Know?

The history of shenanigan is as tricky and mischievous as its meaning. Etymologists have some theories about its origins, but no one has been able to prove them. All we can say for certain is that the earliest known uses of the word in print appeared in the mid-1800s. Although the "underhanded trick" sense of the word is oldest, the most common senses in use now are "tricky or questionable practices" (as in "political shenanigans") and "high-spirited behavior" (as in "youthful shenanigans").


The CEO resigned amid accusations of financial shenanigans and dubious deals.

"And the protesters outside were just the start of the shenanigans. Inside the building, one person attended the hearing dressed in a Russian troll costume." — Kevin Roose, The New York Times, 16 Apr. 2018

Name That Synonym

Fill in the blanks to complete a synonym of shenanigan referring to a devious trick: s _ r _ t _ _ e _.



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