Word of the Day : January 12, 2013


noun rih-myoo-nuh-RAY-shun


: compensation, payment

Did You Know?

Our evidence shows "remuneration" to be most at home in writing that concerns financial matters, especially when large amounts of money-or other forms of compensation-are involved. Whether it's because money denotes numerals, or simply because the "n" and "m" are adjacent to each other on our keyboards, "reMUNeration" appears misspelled as "reNUMeration" to a rather inordinate degree in an electronic database of published periodicals. ("Renumeration," a very rare word, means "to enumerate [to count or list] again.") It pays to know that the "-mun-" in "remuneration" is from Latin "munus," meaning "gift," a root it shares with "munificent," an adjective which means "very liberal in giving."


She was hired on several occasions as a consultant and given generous remunerations for her services.

"BSkyB CEO Jeremy Darroch saw his remuneration for the latest fiscal year ended in June rise around 7 percent…." - From an article by Georg Szalai in Hollywood Reporter, September 25, 2012

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