Word of the Day : August 9, 2013


noun KWIP


1 a : a clever usually taunting remark : gibe

b : a witty or funny observation or response usually made on the spur of the moment

2 : quibble, equivocation

3 : something strange, droll, curious, or eccentric : oddity

Did You Know?

"Quip" is an abbreviation of "quippy," a noun that is no longer in use. Etymologists believe that "quippy" derived from Latin "quippe," a word meaning "indeed" or "to be sure" that was often used ironically. The earliest sense of "quip," referring to a cutting or sarcastic remark, was common for approximately a century after it first appeared in print in 1532. It then fell out of use until the beginning of the 19th century, when it underwent a revival that continues to the present day.


To almost every comment I made, Amy responded with a quip and a smile.

"To everyone's shock, Mr. Rodman restrained himself from making quips about his availability to take over the job shepherding the spiritual lives of a billion Catholics after Pope Benedict's resignation…." - From an article by Tony Norman in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 5, 2013

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