Word of the Day : November 13, 2021


noun KWAHM

What It Means

Qualm is often used in the plural form qualms for feelings of uneasiness about whether something is right or wrong.

// Cynthia's parents had no qualms about her traveling abroad for a year after graduating high school.

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qualm in Context

"My main qualm with this pie was that there wasn't enough flavor for my liking…." — Molly Allen, Taste of Home, 7 Oct. 2021

Did You Know?

Etymologists are not sure how qualm came to be, but early use of the word is for a sudden sick feeling. It then was used for a sudden attack of emotion. Today, qualm usually refers to a feeling of uneasiness, particularly in not following one's conscience or better judgment.


What 7-letter noun begins with "s" and refers to a feeling that prevents a person from doing something that they know is wrong, and the word is often used in its plural form?



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