Word of the Day : September 25, 2021


adjective ahb-TOOSS

What It Means

Obtuse means "difficult to understand" or "unable to understand what is obvious."

// The attorney explained the obtuse language in the contract to her client.

// Maybe I am being obtuse, but I didn't understand the end of the movie.

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"There are speeches and flags and somewhat obtuse artistic presentations, then at or near the end, the Olympic flame enters the stadium and is delivered to a cauldron … to burn for the next 16 days." — Brandon Veale, The Duluth (Minnesota) News-Tribune, 23 July 2021

Did You Know?

Obtuse comes from a Latin word meaning "dull" or "blunt." It can describe a geometric angle that is not acute or a person who is mentally "dull." In addition, obtuse can mean "hard to comprehend." That meaning is probably from confusion with the similar-sounding abstruse.


Unscramble the letters to create a verb meaning "to make dull or obtuse": TEAEBEHT.



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