Word of the Day : December 11, 2013


noun nih-MYE-uh-tee


: excess, redundancy

Did You Know?

There's no scarcity of English words used for too much of a good thing-words like "overkill," "plethora," "superfluity," "surfeit," "surplus," and "preponderance." In fact, you might just feel that "nimiety" itself is a bit superfluous. It's true that we've never used the word excessively, though it has been part of our language for nearly 450 years. (We borrowed it from Late Latin "nimietas," a noun taken, in turn, from the Latin adjective "nimius," meaning "excessive.") But though "nimiety" is far from overused, it does turn up occasionally and can be considered a valid addition to any writer or reader's vocabulary.


Nathan is possessed of a nimiety of get-rich-quick schemes, combined with a paucity of common sense.

"Despite the nimiety of blue lighting and an issue over microphone levels, this was a wonderfully gentle evening of poignant country and folk poetry set to simple melodies that go round and round in your brain." - From a concert review by Jon Bennett in The Bristol Post, March 18, 2013

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