Word of the Day : March 25, 2012


adjective mul-tuh-TOO-duh-nus


1 : including a multitude of individuals

2 : existing in a great multitude

3 : existing in or consisting of innumerable elements or aspects

Did You Know?

"Multitudinous" is one of many English words that make use of the combining form "multi-," from Latin "multus," meaning "many." "Multicolored," "multifunctional," and "multimillionaire" are just a few of the others. "Multitudinous" is the kind of highly expressive word that you can rely upon when you want something a little more emphatic than plain old "numerous." Among its synonyms are "multiple" and "multifold," two more members of the "multi-" family.


The author's appearance is expected to attract a multitudinous gathering that will fill the entire auditorium.

"The factors between [wine] labels hinge on multitudinous decisions about grape, soil, climate and culture." - From a food review by Mary Ross in the Chicago Daily Herald, November 2, 2011

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