Word of the Day : October 18, 2017


verb muh-LYNE


: to utter injuriously misleading or false reports about : speak evil of

Did You Know?

When a word's got mal- in it, it's no good. That prefix traces to the Latin word malus (which means "bad"), and it puts the negative vibes in both the verb and adjective forms of malign (from the Latin malignus, meaning "evil in nature") and a host of other English words. You can see it in malpractice (bad medical practice) and malady (a bad condition, such as a disease or illness, of the body or mind). A malefactor is someone guilty of bad deeds, and malice is a desire to cause injury, pain, or distress to another person. Other mal- formed words include malaise, malcontent, maladroit, malodorous, and malnourished.


The tech guru recalls how as a high schooler he was often maligned or simply ignored by the popular kids in his school.

"I am a contrarian on the Apple Watch, which I believe has been unfairly maligned by tech pundits. I love mine, and I get pretty frustrated by a lot of Apple products." — Nick Wingfield, The New York Times, 14 Sept. 2017

Name That Synonym

Fill in the blanks to complete a synonym of malign: c _ _ u _ ni _ _ e.



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