Word of the Day : August 12, 2015


adjective KIN-drud


1 : of a similar nature or character : like

2 : of the same ancestry

Did You Know?

If you believe that advice and relatives are inseparable, the etymology of kindred will prove you right. Kindred comes from a combination of kin (a word for one's relatives) and the Old English word ræden ("condition"), which itself comes from the verb ræden, meaning "to advise." Kindred entered English as a noun first, in the 12th century. That noun, which can refer to a group of related individuals or to one's own relatives, gave rise to the adjective kindred in the 14th century.


Jessica found a kindred songwriting spirit in Brigid, and soon the two women were collaborating on a new album.

"The boys were well-behaved and inseparable. Kindred souls, as preschoolers they spoke to each other in 'twin language,' their mother said, using words that no one else understood." - Clare Ansberry, Wall Street Journal, March 3, 2015

Name That Synonym

Fill in the blanks to create a synonym of the adjective kindred: c _ _ g _ ni _ _. The answer is …


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