Word of the Day : September 7, 2012


adjective joh-KOHSS


1 : given to joking : merry

2 : characterized by joking : humorous

Did You Know?

When you need a word to describe something (or someone) that causes or is intended to cause laughter, you might pick "jocose" or a synonym such as "humorous," "witty," "facetious," or "jocular." Of those terms, "humorous" is the most generic and can be applied to anything that provokes laughter. "Witty" suggests cleverness and a quick mind, while "facetious" is a word for something that is not meant to be taken seriously. "Jocose" and "jocular" both imply a habitual waggishness and a fondness for joking.


Rachel has the kind of jocose personality that can liven up even the dullest of parties.

"The information imparted doesn't run particularly deep, but in simple, mostly jocose language, he manages to explain the Electoral College, the dangers of being president and ... the roles of the president in foreign policy and as commander in chief, and how a presidential pardon works...." - From a book review in Kirkus Reviews, August 1, 2012

Name That Synonym

Fill in the blanks to create another word that can mean "merry": gef_l. The answer is ...


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