Word of the Day : September 26, 2018


noun huh-BIL-uh-munt


1 plural : characteristic apparatus : trappings

2 a : the dress characteristic of an occupation or occasion — usually used in plural

b : clothes — usually used in plural

Did You Know?

Habiliment, from Middle French abillement, is a bit old-fashioned and is often used to describe complex, multi-pieced outfits like those of medieval times. For instance, a full suit of armor—which might include a helmet, a gorget, pallettes, brassard, a skirt of tasses, tuilles, gauntlets, cuisses, jambeaus, and sollerets, along with other pieces and plates—can be considered the habiliments of a knight. Nowadays, habiliment, which is usually used in its plural form, is also fitting for the dress of an occupation, such as the different vestments of a priest, or for clothes, such as elegant formal wear, worn on special occasions. When habiliment is used for plain old clothes, it is more than likely for jocular or poetic effect—as we see it being used by William Shakespeare in the first example below.


"My riches are these poor habiliments, / Of which if you should here disfurnish me, / You take the sum and substance that I have." — William Shakespeare, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, 1595

"Kerr Gulch likes to have clothing delivered to her door by an online 'partner in personal style' called Stitch Fix. After sampling Stitch Fix's assortment of attire, Kerr holds onto the handsomest habiliments and boxes up the rest for shipment back to the company." — The Canyon Courier (Evergreen, Colorado), 28 Dec. 2017

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