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: October 22, 2021


noun dih-VOH-shun

What It Means

Devotion means being dedicated or loyal, or expressing dedication or loyalty.

// The organizer's devotion to the cause of the fundraiser was greatly admired.

// The students' devotion of their time to the science project was not overlooked by their teacher.

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devotion in Context

"Restaurant loyalties run deep. Look at the scads of eateries that have drawn devotion for decades in the Park Cities, Preston Hollow, and environs." — Kathy Biehl, The Preston Hollow People (Dallas, Texas), 14 Sept. 2021

Did You Know?

Devotion and the verb devote come from the act of taking a vow (the Latin verb vovēre means "to vow"). Devote was once used as an adjective that could mean either "devout" or "devoted." While devout implies faithfulness of a religious nature ("a devout parishioner), devoted refers to one's commitment to another through love and loyalty ("a singer's devoted fans").


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