Word of the Day : February 18, 2012


noun kruh-TEEK


: an act of criticizing; especially : a critical estimate or discussion


All Sherry wanted to do was offer critiques of other people's plans; she never had any suggestions of her own.

"In their first critique of the Banning Ranch development plans, California Coastal Commission staff members found that the proposed project would be unlikely to meet state standards." -- From an article by Mike Reicher in the Daily Pilot (California), January 19, 2012

Did You Know?

"Critique" is an alteration of an archaic word that referred generally to criticism. "Critique" itself dates to the early 18th century and originally referred to a piece of writing that criticized a literary or artistic work. The words "criticism," "critique," and "review" overlap in meaning. "Criticism" usually means "the act of criticizing" or a "remark or comment that expresses disapproval," but it can also refer to the activity of making judgments about the qualities of books, movies, etc. (as in "literary criticism")."Critique" is a somewhat formal word that typically refers to a careful judgment in which someone gives an opinion about something. "Review" can refer to an essay analyzing a literary or artistic work, but can also sometimes imply a more casual or personal opinion.

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