Word of the Day : July 1, 2012


verb kun-VOHK


: to call together to a meeting


In 1907 Theodore Roosevelt convoked a conference at The Hague to discuss arms limitation.

"As announced at the end of the week, an extraordinary general shareholder meeting will be convoked on the initiative of the Company's Board on 24 May 2012…." - From an article by Ukio Bankas in* Emerging Markets Brokers Reports*, May 8, 2012

Did You Know?

The Latin noun "vox" ("voice") and verb "vocare" ("to call") have given rise to many English words including "convoke." Other English descendants of those roots are usually spelled with "voc" or "vok" and have to do with speaking or calling. Thus a "vocation" is a special calling to a type of work; an "evocative" sight or smell calls forth memories and feelings; and a "vocal" ensemble is a singing group. "Provoke," "irrevocable," "equivocate," and "vociferous" are a few of the other descendants of "vox" and "vocare."

Word Family Quiz

What member of the "vox" family can mean "one that pleads the cause of another"? The answer is ...


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