Word of the Day : August 29, 2012


noun BEN-uh-sun


: blessing, benediction

Did You Know?

"Benison" and its synonym "benediction" share more than a common meaning; the two words come from the same root, the Latin "benedicere," meaning "to bless." ("Benedicere" comes from the Latin "bene dicere"-"to speak well of"-a combination of the Latin "bene," meaning "well," and "dicere," to say.) Of the two words, "benediction" is more common today, but "benison" has a longer history in English. Records show that "benison" has been used in our language since the early 14th century. "Benediction" didn't appear in print until nearly a century later.


The candidate sought the benison of the popular pastor in the hope of gaining both spiritual and political support.

"On warm(ish) days, the soft rain feels like a benison, pattering gently on fallen leaves and stirring up earthy scents that remind me more of spring than autumn." - From an article by Ann Lovejoy in The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, December 4, 2008

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