Word of the Day : September 27, 2011


verb uh-DAPT


: to make or become fit (as for a specific or new use or situation) often by modification

Did You Know?

Rooted in the origins of "adapt" is the idea of becoming specifically "fit" for something. English speakers adapted "adapt" in the 15th century from the French "adapter," which itself traces to the Latin forms "aptare," meaning "to fit," and "aptus," meaning "fit" or "apt." Other descendants of "aptus" in English include "aptitude," "inept," and of course "apt" itself, as well as "unapt" and "inapt."


It took Rachel a while to adapt to her new school, but she is settling in well now.

"Despite even lifelong exposure to a cooler climate, individuals can physically adapt to a hotter one in a matter of weeks, said Bret Goodpaster, associate professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh." -- From an article by Joshua Falk in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 29, 2011

Name That Synonym

Fill in the blanks to create a synonym of "adapt": clmt_. The answer is ...


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