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Baby Animal Vocabulary

Words for young animals

a puppy cuddling with a kitten

Fawn, colt, cub, and joey. How many baby animals do you know? Practice and improve your vocabulary with these words for young and baby animals.

  1. calf | see definition»

    a young cow

  2. chick | see definition»

    a baby bird and especially a baby chicken

  3. colt | see definition»

    a young male horse

  4. cub | see definition»

    the young of various animals (as the bear, fox, or lion)

  5. cygnet | see definition»

    a young swan

  6. duckling | see definition»

    a young duck

  7. fawn | see definition»

    a young deer

  8. fledgling | see definition»

    a young bird that has just grown the feathers needed to fly

  9. joey | see definition»

    a baby kangaroo

  10. kid | see definition»

    a young goat or a related animal

  11. kitten | see definition»

    a young cat

  12. lamb | see definition»

    a young sheep usually less than one year old

  13. larva | see definition»

    a very young form of an insect that looks like a worm

  14. piglet | see definition»

    a baby pig

  15. puppy | see definition»

    a young dog

  16. tadpole | see definition»

    a small creature that becomes an adult frog or toad, that has a rounded body and a long tail, and that lives in water

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