Soccer Vocabulary List

Soccer vocabulary words

  1. assist | see definition»

    an action (such as passing a ball or puck) that helps a teammate to score

    Antonio had 3 goals and 1 assist in last night's game.

  2. cleat | see definition»

    a strip or projection fastened to the bottom of a shoe to prevent slipping

    A cleat is one of the many pieces attached to the bottom of a shoe to prevent slipping.

  3. crossbar | see definition»

    a bar that joins two posts (such as goalposts in soccer or hockey)

    The ball went flying toward the goal but it hit the crossbar and bounced right back onto the field.

  4. football | see definition»

    a game played between two teams of eleven players in which a round inflated ball is moved toward a goal usually by kicking

    While we call it soccer in America, in most countries the sport is known as football.

  5. free kick | see definition»

    a kick that is made without being stopped or slowed by an opponent and that is allowed because of a foul by an opponent

    The free kick could not be stopped by the wall and curved right into the top right corner of the net.

  6. goalie | see definition»

    a player who defends a goal

    The goalie jumped to deflect the oncoming ball.

  7. header | see definition»

    a shot or pass made by hitting the ball with your head

    David made a header to score the game-winning goal.

  8. kickoff | see definition»

    a kick that puts the ball into play (as in football or soccer)

    The players assembled for the opening kickoff.

  9. linesman | see definition»

    an official who assists a referee in a game

    The linesman shot up his flag when he saw the ball roll out-of-bounds.

  10. match | see definition»

    a contest between two individuals or teams

    Not even rain could stop the soccer match from being played.

  11. midfield | see definition»

    the area of a playing field in sports like American football and soccer that is in the middle between the two goals

    The players rushed to get the ball out of the midfield and into the other team's goal.

  12. offside | see definition»

    in a position in a game on the opponent's part of the field where you are not allowed to be : not onside

    A few of the players kept going offside during the game so they couldn't score any goals.

  13. penalty | see definition»

    a disadvantage given for breaking a rule in a sport or game

    The team was given a penalty after one of the players touched the ball with their hand.

  14. penalty kick | see definition»

    a kick in soccer or rugby that a player makes when the other team has broken a rule

    The blue team won the game with a last minute penalty kick when the red team made a foul inside the box.

  15. sweeper | see definition»

    a player whose position is behind other defending players

    Alex was about to shoot the ball when the sweeper made a great defensive move and stole the ball away.

  16. volley | see definition»

    a shot or kick made by hitting a ball before it touches the ground

    Antonio has been working on his volley all summer and now he only likes to kick the ball before it touches the ground.

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